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Selvedge (formerly Classical Silk Inc.) is a Los Angeles based textile company specializing in the ability to provide original copyrighted prints across a vast library of fabrications for over 15 years in the contemporary fashion industry. Selvedge knows how important prints and fabric are to our clients and their brands.

As an experienced print converter and fabric manufacturer, we invest much time, money and resources to ensure our prints and fabrics are always fashion forward and trend driven. Selvedge is here to serve you. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with our competitive pricing, low minimums, on-time deliveries, and fashion forward original prints.

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All 2000+ prints from Selvedge are one of a kind, original textile artworks, created by prestigious studios from across the globe, and copyrighted to Selvedge. Therefore, our entire print library is fully flexible to the personal creations of our clients. Any print that we carry in our line can be altered in color, fabrication and design.

We have the capability to print with screens, rotary printing and digital printing. Whatever your individual brands’ needs are, we can cater to and customize our prints so that your final product is as you had envisioned. With vertical factories in China and Korea along with domestic digital printing abilities, Selvedge is involved through the entire fabric and print selection process from start to finish with our factories.

As technology has advanced in the printing world, Selvedge is doing our part to help save the environment. With strong abilities and ties to digital printing factories locally and abroad, we encourage our customers to print digitally and do their part to save the planet. Digital printing allows us to print more efficiently, with better accuracy, clarity and color, while causing less pollution.

With no minimums at all, it opens door for small contemporary brands on the rise to get their printing needs met without high minimums. Our digital prices are competitive and cut down on fabric lead times by over 50%.

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